Living and working in Berlin

Living & working in Berlin as a digital nomad, sounds like a dream!  Remote working in Germany is becoming more and more popular. On we share experiences of other digital nomads in Berlin and give you the best Tips & Tricks to start your own living and working in Berlin journey!

Overall Score

4.49/5 (Rang #4)

Family Score



29 mbps

Temperature (now)

Air quality (now)



Lack of racism


Income level


English speaking

Very good


Very Good

Freedom of speech

Very good



A/C or heating


Traffic safety


LGBTQ+ friendly


Quality of life score



Very Good

Humidity (now)


3121 $ / mo

Lack of crime

Education level


Startup Score


People density

Peace (no pol. conflict)


Very good


Very Good

Places to work from

Friendly to foreigners

Very good

Female friendly

Very good

Digital Nomad Guide



Average trip time

8 days

Internet speed (avg)

29 mbps

Weather (now)



European Type C plug

Best neighborhood to stay





No, only cash payments

Best coworking space

Digital Nomad Guide

Tap water

Very good

Visitor return rate




GDP per capita

42456 $

Population density

Religious government

Not religious

Apartment listings

Best national air carrier


Closest int'l air airport

Cost of living in Berlin

Cost of living for nomad

3121 $ / month

Cost of living for family

4140 $ / month

1br studio rent in center

841 $ / month

Hotel (avg price month)

1771 $ / month

Airbnb (avg price month)

2566 $ / month


11 $

Beer (0.5L)

3,55 $

Cost of Living

Cost of living for expat

2025 $ / month

Cost of living for local

1183 $ / month

Coworking costs

190 $ / month

Hotel (avg price night)

83 $ / night

Airbnb (avg price night)

84 $ / night

Coca-Cola (0.3L)

2,37 $


3,55 $


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After first spending 2 weeks on a working vacation in Berlin I decided to go there for a longer period. So now I've been living in Berlin for almost a 8 moths and I certainly don't regret it. We have a nice digital nomad community here and there are enough like-minded people to do fun things with in my spare time. So far living and working in Berlin has been a very enjoyable experience.
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I lived and worked as a digital nomad in Berlin for about a month. It was a really great experience to be living and working temporarily in this city. During the week I was able to work in a nice co-working and in the weekends I enjoyed all the beautiful sights Berlin and surroundings had to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making money as a digital nomad can be done many numbers of ways. As long as the job doesn’t require you to be physically present with your clients or co-workers, you can work as a digital nomad.

Examples of job titles of americans living and working in Berlin as Digital Nomad are writers, translator, project programmer, developer  designer, marketeer, or consultant. 

Living and working in a new location sometimes comes with learning a new language. In Germany they speak German. 

Before moving to a new location, it is important to know what the cost of living in that new location is. Cost of living in Berlin is average on Unknown.

This is more complicated question to answer. Where you pay taxes as a digital nomad will be based on your nationality, which country you earn your money from or where exactly you are a resident.

Try to figure out what applies to your situation by doing it yourself or contacting an accountant in your home or, if you reside a fair amount of time in one country, that new place.

Working and living in Berlin

You are or want to become a Digital Nomad and are considering living and working in Berlin? We from will tell you what Berlin has to offer you as a digital nomad!

A good first step is to see if you can do your work remotely in Berlin for a US company. 

Our TIP is to prepare well! Read about Berlin and look at the living in Berlin pros and cons. What are the cost of living and working in Berlin for example? Is there a community of other expats working in Berlin? Can i combine doing a good amount of working hours with pleasure and exploring Germany? And in the long term check if you need a special Berlin digital nomad visa!

But also important, how is the weather and (gastronomic) culture in Berlin? Take all the above factors into account and weigh the pros and cons to make living and working in Berlin an enjoyable experience!



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